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Why you should consider business growth coaching and performance marketing with Axis Global Co...

Just as a team of athletes supports each other to achieve victory, we believe no entrepreneur should navigate their business journey alone. 


There is immense strength in collaborating with a network of like-minded individuals who understand your challenges and can serve as accountability partners and coaches to help you achieve your goals.

When you partner with Axis Global, you gain access to over 30 of Australia’s top experts, advisors, and coaches, each specialising in various aspects of small to medium business. Our team of former business owners turned mentors and seasoned specialists is dedicated to providing full-service, end-to-end management and 1-on-1 support services. These resources are designed to help you overcome the daily challenges that many entrepreneurs face, guiding you towards reaching your full potential in business.

At Axis Global, our business growth consultancy and coaching services are designed to equip you with everything you need to thrive. Our comprehensive approach covers all aspects crucial to multi-million dollar business success: Marketing, Sales, Finance, Operations, People & Leadership, Legal, and Product development across diverse industries worldwide.

When you partner with us at Axis Global you gain access to extensive resources, personalised 1-on-1 coaching, and direct insights from our network of top industry experts dedicated to your success.


Confidently navigate challenges specific to your business size and goals in every industry and at any stage of your business growth journey.

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#1 Busines Growth Marketing Agency

Access 30+ experts, advisors & coaches specialising in full-service business growth strategy and optimisation.

Just as raising a child requires a supportive community, building a successful retail or e-commerce business shouldn't be a solitary journey. There's immense strength in connecting with like-minded peers who understand the unique challenges and opportunities of your industry, serving as mentors and collaborators to propel you toward your goals.

When you partner with Axis Global, you tap into a network of over 30 leading experts, advisors, and coaches, each specialising in key areas of small to medium business operations within the retail and e-commerce sector. Our team, comprised of former business owners turned mentors and seasoned specialists, is dedicated to helping you navigate the everyday hurdles that businesses face, empowering you to achieve your full potential.


Years of diverse global industry experience


In marketing, media, business optimisation


Satisfied clients in every industry worldwide

Meet Your Multi Award-Winning Business Optimisation Strategist and Growth Marketing Specialist

Your business growth journey is led by Braeden Rhys, Australia's Top 100 Entrepreneur (BusinessNews Awards), Top 40 Under 40 Entrepreneur (Business Elite Awards), CEO and Founder of Axis Global Co Pty Ltd. the Top 100 Business Growth Marketing Agency (The Manifest Awards) trusted by over 5,000 businesses, brands and entrepreneurs worldwide for his expertise in business optimisation and strategy.


Fuelled by a collective passion for entrepreneurship and business triumphs, Braeden Rhys will guide you towards engaging the Axis Global Network of coaches and advisors you've always yearned to collaborate with.

Braeden Rhys is a seasoned entrepreneur and CEO, renowned for his expertise in corporate growth strategies, marketing, and public relations across diverse industries including retail, hospitality, tourism, education, government, entertainment, fintech, and FMCG. With over 14 years of experience, Braeden has spearheaded commercial restructures, strategic planning, and business optimization initiatives, driving substantial growth and success.

As the founder of Axis Global Co Pty Ltd., a leading business growth agency, Braeden has earned accolades for his entrepreneurial achievements, including being named a Top 100 Business Growth Agency worldwide by The Manifest in 2023. His innovative approach has also garnered recognition with awards such as Australia’s Best Media Relations Agency and Australia’s Best Marketing and Public Relations Agency at the Netty Awards in 2024.

Braeden's commitment to excellence extends beyond business accolades; he holds a Bachelor of Business in Marketing from the University of Newcastle and is currently pursuing a Bachelor of Law at Charles Sturt University. He is also a certified Six Sigma practitioner and has diplomas in Psychology, Events Management, Hospitality Management, and Management.

Throughout his career, Braeden has been dedicated to fostering client relationships and driving sales, evidenced by his achievement in securing 6-figure annual sales and over 5,000 new customer accounts through global partnerships and referrals. His leadership and influence in the entrepreneurial community are underscored by his recognition as a Top 40 Under 40 Australian Entrepreneur and his role as a mentor and presenter for ASX200 companies, SMEs, governments, athletes, and celebrities.

Braeden continues to inspire and innovate, leveraging his extensive experience and entrepreneurial spirit to propel businesses to new heights of success globally.

our clients include businesses and brands you know and love...

At Axis Global Co, we've helped build some of the best businesses in the world to get them to where they are today in business operations to marketing and beyond. Here's a little sneak peek at some of our clients: