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Helping you grow your 
Entertainment business.

AXIS Global Co is the key to your entertainment and performing arts career.  More venues, More ticket sales and awareness!

Our award-winning industry-leading experts are passionate about long-term partnerships helping Entertainers, Show Producers and Musicians grow their entertainment career locally and internationally.

Entertainment brands we have had the pleasure of consulting and providing our expertise include


As seen and heard globally


Do you need help growing your real estate and getting more leads?

How do you make sure you reach the right people?

How do you maximise your marketing budget?

Are you nurturing quality leads?


If you are feeling lost when it comes to digital marketing for your Real Estate Agency or Property Services business, we are here to help with our marketing, advertising and publicity expertise.

Buying. Selling. Renting. Building. These are all considered huge investments and decisions for those in residential or commercial property and the internet is impacting how 'we decide'.

Customers look at listings online, they use Google to find a real estate agent or turn to trusted residential listing platforms (such as or, social media and online review platforms to make their decision.

So, if you are running a real estate or property services, building and construction business you need to be where these people are searching and make the most of your digital channels.

Our approach to marketing, advertising and publicity for Real Estate businesses relies on our award-winning and trusted expertise in the Property Services industry.

FREE Entertainment Marketing and Advertising Advice to help you grow your career, reach your audience and captivate the world with your talent.

Grow your Real Estate Business in 20 minutes.

Our award-winning industry-leading experts are business growth strategists with a passion for the Entertaining and Performing Arts Industry. Our results driven international strategies will help you take your performance career to the next level, grow your audience and captivate the world with your talent.

Digital-first Entertainment and Performing Arts Strategies that will take your talent global.

Grow your Entertainment & Performing Arts Business with our award-winning digital, media, marketing, advertising and public relations expertise.


With over 80% of purchases online starting or ending with a Google search, we will get your Real Estate business on the first search result page so you attract the highest converting buyers, renters and prospect appraisals who want to partner with you.


Grow your real estate company by through paid marketing methods. By targeting the right customers, you can drive more traffic to your website and close more deals with customer data that powers up ads on Google, Facebook, Instagram and attract premium leads.


Our tailored strategies generate valuable inbound and outbound leads that save time and money, bring the right customers to your website, build a relationship with them and encourage more sales.


With over 10 years of global brand and business consultancy our experts are ready to take your Real Estate Business to the next level, generate sales and leads using data-drive performance-based strategies that work for all types of Real Estate and Property Services business worldwide.


Entice existing buyers, renters or commercial lease holders to tell others about your Real Estate and Property Services business, while generating new reviews, building stronger relationships and sharing the stories of your real estate business that will inspire your clients to spread the word.


Trust is critical in the Real Estate Industry so when 91% of people search and read online reviews before buying anything and 84% trust online reviews as much as a personal recommendation, we’ll help you establish trust by growing your relationships worldwide. 

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