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Business Growth Coaching for Health, Fitness & Wellness.

Working with Axis Global has given me clarity in how best to communicate with my customers and their exact needs."

Breathe Into Peace

In a fiercely competitive health, fitness and wellness industry, the sustainability and growth potential of your business may be at risk. Partner with Axis Global's team of business coaches, advisors, and industry experts to safeguard your future, mirroring the success of Breathe Into Peace with our proven strategies.

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What should you consider when choosing to hire a growth coach as a health, fitness and wellness business owner?

You've dedicated yourself to mastering the health and fitness industry, yet running your own business can feel overwhelming.


Listen up: Managing staff, caring for customers exact health and wellness issues and effectively marketing your services are all vital components often overlooked in discussions about success in the health, wellness and fitness industry. Let our business coaches at Axis Global guide you towards success and your full potential.

Amidst the hustle, carving out time to strategise for your business rather than getting bogged down in daily operations might feel daunting.  Yet, we've empowered countless business owners in the health, wellness and fitness industry just like you to break free from this cycle. Can you relate?

At Axis Global, our business growth consultancy and coaching services are designed to equip you with everything you need to thrive. Our comprehensive approach covers all aspects crucial to multi-million dollar business success: Marketing, Sales, Finance, Operations, People & Leadership, Legal, and Product development across diverse industries worldwide, with a focus on the health, wellness and fitness industry.

Here are the key considerations for hiring a business coach as a health, welnness and fitness business owner. At Axis Global, we provide all these essentials and beyond to support your business growth. We understand that mastering business is a skill, which is why we've tailored comprehensive done-for-you services designed to take the stress out of managing the marketing, operations and scalability of your businesses unique size, challenges, and requirements.


Confidently navigate challenges specific to your business size and goals in every type of health, fitness and wellness business worldwide.

Building a thriving health, fitness and wellness business is a skill we're here to help you master. Partner with Axis Global today and embark on a transformative journey toward sustainable growth and industry leadership.


#1 Health, Fitness & Wellness Consultancy

Access 30+ experts, advisors & coaches specialising in health wellness and fitness business operations.

Just as nurturing a child thrives in a supportive community, so too does building a prosperous business in the health, fitness, and wellness industry. Connecting with peers who grasp the sector's unique challenges and opportunities offers invaluable mentorship and collaboration to propel you toward success.

Partnering with Axis Global introduces you to a network of over 30 top experts, advisors, and coaches, each specializing in crucial facets of small to medium business operations within health, fitness, and wellness. Our team, composed of former business owners turned mentors and seasoned specialists, is dedicated to helping you overcome daily obstacles and achieve your business's maximum potential.


Years of diverse global industry experience


In marketing, media, business optimisation


Satisfied clients in every industry worldwide

Areas we can help health, fitness and wellness businesses reach their potential worldwide

Turn your health, fitness and wellness business into one that is scalable and sustainable.

At Axis Global, your personal health, wellness and fitness business growth coach will help guide you to the right resources and experts based on your specific challenges and specific business growth goal objectives including:


At the outset, we strive to comprehend your vision, obstacles, and the health, wellness and fitness sector in which you function. We delve into the distinctive aspects of your enterprise while outlining the primary goals for the upcoming year and beyond.


We analyse your health, wellness and fitness business to identify areas for optimisation and develop a marketing strategy that will help you reach your target audience effectively. This may involve refining your operations to improving your communications with your audience.


Once approved by you, we start the implementation of strategy, We specialise in enhancing retail business operations, implementing strategic marketing plans, developing media and communication strategies, and executing digital campaigns. 

take all of the challenges that you could face with your health, fitness and wellness business and turn them into your strengths.

At Axis Global, let us guide you with the right resources, tools and strategies based on our business consultations with you to help you build a scalable and sustainable business that can work with you by overcoming challenges such as:

Competition overwhelm & distraction

You possess the expertise and competitive edge to surpass your local health & fitness industry rivals, yet distinguishing yourself from the myriad of other businesses remains a challenge.

Build consumer trust where it matters most

The health & fitness industry thrives on trust. However, with a low barrier to entry, navigating effective communication to inspire confidence and crafting strategic marketing approaches to establish yourself as the trusted choice can be daunting.

Growing & demanding consumer needs

Consumers are increasingly seeking a broader range of services, yet providers are focusing on niche and specialized offerings. You're grappling with how to align your capabilities and offerings with the expanding needs of your consumer base effectively.

Are you where your specific customers are?

With many practitioners moving online, the question arises: what's best for your business, an online platform or physical presence? Understanding the need to meet your customers where they are, you're uncertain how to strategically pivot for maximum benefit.

Need guidance but don’t know where to look

Right now, you lack the capacity or bandwidth to experiment and risk failure. You're eager to learn the essential strategies for success in the health & fitness industry—and equally important, to avoid pitfalls—guided by mentors and experts who have already achieved what you aspire to.

book your free 45-minute business growth call with a retail growth expert.

Gain the clarity you need to achieve your growth goals faster and smarter, in just 45-minutes with a multi-award winning business growth specialist.

our clients include health, wellness and fitness brands you know and love...

At Axis Global Co, we've helped build some of the best health, wellness and fitness businesses in the world to get them to where they are today in business operations to marketing and beyond. Here's a little sneak peek at some of our clients: