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“I take pleasure in seeing the businesses and brands we work with realise their full potential globally.”


Patrick Glanville

Creative Director, Operations Manager

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Patrick Glanville oversees the day to day events of Axis Global Co ensuring every project runs smoothly and team morale remains high.


Patrick's interested in all things arts and creative industries, especially event production and media. He loves to travel and explore global cultures and communities, as well as producing theatrical events, residential interior design, besides a multi-award-winning hair stylist career in the Southern Highlands.


Patrick is no stranger to the locals of the Southern Highlands New South Wales, Australia with over 20+ years success owning and operating two distinct boutique top-tier salons including Portfolio Hair Design and United Culture. As an award-winning hair stylist, Patrick has also extended skills and knowledge in interior design and property development across the South Coast of Australia. With passions spanning commercial development to producing events for commercial and private clients across the world, Patrick heads the creative development and operations management for Axis Global Co company-wide.

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