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Our multi-award winning world-class business growth experts help businesses and entrepreneurs reach their potential worldwide.


We oversee all of your Social Media Channels while you focus on what is important to you such as managing your business, selling products and services to your customers, or brainstorming your next big idea.

We manage in-bound enquiries and engagement, in addition to increasing your audience through a variety of social media marketing techniques.

When investing in social media marketing services, it is important to ensure that throughout the process you are focussed on building brand recognition and loyalty, as this will provide you with long-term benefits, however in doing so; comes with serious time commitment.

Your Social Media profiles should be generating content daily, staying responsive to your fans and followers (even responding to those who write negatively on your profiles) while always focussed on building a community - but even we can agree that this is very demanding.

Neglected Social Media accounts can seriously damage consumer confidence and if you miss out on customer service opportunities or leave an important message unanswered, you might as well shut up shop - because word travels fast in the 'social world'.

At Axis Global Co, we understand the importance of implementing long-term social media marketing strategies with consistent (daily) campaigns across platforms such as LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, with content that is relatable and specific.


We have been transforming some of the world's most influential brands and businesses for over 10+ years with our Social Media expertise including:



We begin our journey together by getting to know you and what you are hoping to achieve from social media marketing strategies and campaigns.

You may be starting from nothing or perhaps you have an established brand that needs some TLC, wherever you are in your social media journey, we will research your business and its industry, take an in-depth look at your options to see what is working, what is not working and where opportunities are for you to boost your content ahead of competitors.


Social Media Strategy

Do you know where you need to be?

How often do you need to be there?

Every social media channel has their own quirks and more importantly, 'social growth' hacks! Our social media marketing experts can make sure you get the most out of each channel, by testing many different types of content from imagery to slides, carousels to videos and more.

Throughout our strategic plan, we will create a list of optimisation opportunities that will allow our experts to work with you, your team or your developers to complete each of the required tasks.


Content Creation

Do you have what it takes to keep your audience, fans and customers engaged on social media?

Keeping up with a packed schedule of daily posts, tweets, viral videos and more takes time. We work with you to create consistent content that not only looks great but is compelling for your audience.

At Axis Global Co we like to create 1-month of social media content in advance, allowing space for the spontaneous and trending posts when possible. This content will be presented to you for sign-off in our scheduled weekly/bi-weekly meetings.


Profile Management

We manage your Social Media accounts on a daily basis, keeping an eye on how your accounts are performing. If we receive any enquiries on your social media, we will direct them to your own appropriate contacts to generate the sale.


Tracking Insights

Our campaign management enables us to track the insights of your social media on a monthly basis such as: Likes, Follows, Share and engagement.

We will generate reports each month looking into the results that each platform has achieved in a 28 day period and redefine and develop our strategies to help you achieve social media marketing goals.


Regular Meetings

We will schedule bi-monthly meetings depending on whatever is required and your schedule so that we can discuss progress and brainstorm new ideas.

The final meeting of each month will allow us to acquire your sign-off for the following month of social media content and campaigns.

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