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" - Your one-stop shop for fabulousness! Elevate your event with Australia's Premier Live Singing Drag Queen. It's time to unleash the sparkle and sass with Australia's Best Live Singing Drag Queen, Kara Zmatiq as seen on Australia's Got Talent for your events anywhere in the world, from weddings to corporate soirees!

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Home of Australia's Best Live Singing Drag Queen, Kara Zmatiq


Australia's Best Live Singing Drag Queen as seen on Australia's Got Talent.

KARA ZMATIQ is the iconic Live-Singing Drag Queen of Australia known for a stellar performance that received a standing ovation on National Television Show, Australia's Got Talent and countless TV and Radio appearances as an influencer and spokesperson for the LGBTQIA+ community down-under.

Glitz, Glamour, Mesmerising Costumes and powerhouse 'counter-tenor' vocals, Kara Zmatiq is in-demand for Weddings, Corporate Events, Venues, Special Events, Cruise Ships worldwide.

A serendipitous night out at Sydney's Iconic Drag Club, Stonewall Hotel Sydney, took Braeden from being led by prayer, to being on his knees for a whole new reason, embracing his sexuality and newfound identity and alter-ego Kara Zmatiq.

Sure, lip-syncing is where Kara began their career on sticky dance floors and dimly lit night club stages, but very quickly found their voice as a counter-tenor singer and Wedding Venues, Cruise Ships, Hotels, Resorts and Television quickly ushered them into their world and audiences.

Kara Zmatiq continues to be a "HOT" commodity dripping in sequins and rhinestones for UBER, Netflix, STAN Original Series, ANZ Bank, Boost Juice, Tourism Australia, ACCOR and many more!

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