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VERDEM, love your skin.

We had the pleasure of working with VERDEM the creators of luxury skin care products and brands known to many around the world for quality including Origani, Lionesse and Venofye. Celebrating their entrance into Australia, the launch of their flagship store in the Queen Victoria Building, Sydney, meant they needed Marketing and Public Relations experts - AXIS.

Now, not only were we engaged to manage their marketing and public relations end-to-end, but we were also engaged to manage their Business Operations, Retail Shopfront Operations and Staffing as well as bring a Call Centre to the company to re-engage over 500,000 active customers on their database.

Video Marketing Project

One of the projects we had the pleasure of working on was a Video Marketing Project where we not only devised the the storyboard but also worked with local publications in the fashion, beauty and health industries to encourage top tier influencers to attend the Launch of VERDEM in the Queen Victoria Building, Sydney.