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HeyDoor: What You Want When You Want Without Restrictions

Heydoor, everything you need is within arms reach.

We had the pleasure of supporting heydoor, a start-up located in Melbourne, Victoria who's passion is to help people living with restrictions access what they want, when they want. An idea that was not fully brought to life, until they partnered with AXIS, where we developed their proposition statement, breathed life into the lifeless copy and created unique content that clearly delivered a powerful message to both businesses and consumers worldwide.

Melinda Iounnou, founder and chief executive officer of heydoor, engaged Braeden Rhys and AXIS for Full-Service Marketing, Public Relations, Advertising and Creative Management to help them bring their start-up to life, which had a bumpy ride with a previous provider who failed to deliver everything they needed to ignite their passion and live their truth.

Video Marketing Project

One of the projects we had the pleasure of working on was a Video Marketing Project where we not only devised the Script that Melinda (CEO and Founder) delivers as part of the personalised concept, but we also storyboarded and guided the creative direction for the visual work.

Do you need help with video marketing and production?

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